by mehrdadyasrebi


The Caucasus form a chain of snowy, high, alpine mountains separating Georgia from Russia to the north. Just north of the main chain, in Russia, lies the Europe’s highest summit – the twin-peaked Mount Elbrus. The main chain itself contains many mountains over 5000m and tens of summits higher than Mont Blanc.
This trip combines some excellent ski-touring with the possibility to ascent the highest summit in Europe – Mt. Elbrus. In winter time valleys, passes and mountains of the Caucasus offer exceptionally fine ski-touring in virtually undeveloped surroundings. The snow conditions are generally superb in spring and the mountains are beautiful and not spoiled.

The Baksan Valley is the most important and best developed valley in the Caucasus, partly because of the mineral wealth located near Tyrnyauz and partly on account of Elbrus at its head and the hundreds of magnificent mountains which comprise it’s watershed. Almost at…

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