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In addition to extending tax breaks for racing moguls, the legislation also extended:

• A tax credit for construction of renewable energy projects, like wind turbines and biomass, geothermal and hydropower generation, for one year. It’s projected to cost about $116 million, the committee said.

That may seem like a drop in the bucket, but here’s the kicker: While the extension to qualify for new projects covers only 2013, the actual tax credit itself is good for 10 years. That means new projects that break ground in 2013 will be able to claim the credit for the next decade, at an overall price tag the committee put at slightly less than $12.2 billion.

• An arcane provision of corporate tax law, called active financing income, that lets U.S. corporations defer taxes on some income they earn from their overseas subsidiaries. That provision will cost the U.S. Treasury more than $9 billion this…

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kelvin changur

The kelvin is a unit of measurement for temperature. It is one of the seven base units in the International System of Units (SI) and is assigned the unit symbol K. The Kelvin scale is an absolute, thermodynamic temperaturescale using as its null point absolute zero, the temperature at which all thermal motion ceases in the classical description of thermodynamics. The kelvin is defined as the fraction 1273.16 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water (exactly 0.01 °C or 32.018 °F).[1]

The Kelvin scale is named after the Belfast-born, Glasgow University engineer and physicist William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin (1824–1907), who wrote of the need for an “absolute thermometric scale“. Unlike the degree Fahrenheit and degree Celsius, the kelvin is not referred to or typeset as a degree. The kelvin is the primary unit of measurement…

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John Kammin

Building Service Foreman, Division of Operation and Maintenance at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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The Caucasus form a chain of snowy, high, alpine mountains separating Georgia from Russia to the north. Just north of the main chain, in Russia, lies the Europe’s highest summit – the twin-peaked Mount Elbrus. The main chain itself contains many mountains over 5000m and tens of summits higher than Mont Blanc.
This trip combines some excellent ski-touring with the possibility to ascent the highest summit in Europe – Mt. Elbrus. In winter time valleys, passes and mountains of the Caucasus offer exceptionally fine ski-touring in virtually undeveloped surroundings. The snow conditions are generally superb in spring and the mountains are beautiful and not spoiled.

The Baksan Valley is the most important and best developed valley in the Caucasus, partly because of the mineral wealth located near Tyrnyauz and partly on account of Elbrus at its head and the hundreds of magnificent mountains which comprise it’s watershed. Almost at…

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Buddy Jolton

Buddy Jolton.



Mr. Speaker, I rise today to commemorate the 55th Anniversary of the University Synagogue. I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Rabbi Allen Freehling, President Buddy Jolton and the other members of their dynamic staff.

The Talmud states that “He who does charity and justice is as if he had filled the whole world with kindness.” In the spirit of such words, innovative volunteers actively participate in delivering tremendous support, selflessly dedicating their time and energy to enriching our community. In fact, as the synagogue celebrates its 55th Anniversary, we also celebrate the holiday of Purim. This holiday celebrates two import traditions of mishlo’ah manot, or sending portions of foods to friends, and matanot I’evyonim, or giving charity to the needy.

For many years, the University Synagogue has sponsored a carnival to mark this joyous occasion, fulfilling the Talmudic call to service.

Mr. Speaker, distinguished…

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Decorate Your Dorm

Decorate Your Dorm.

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